We all want to find ourselves. We all want to know who we are, what we are here for and why we act the way we do. We try all sorts of test – personality or behavioral assessment test. But never have we stopped to seek God’s perception about us…

Dear Purple Reader, today I’ll be sharing with you the principal way to find ourselves. I have titled this, Be Still!

To be still is to be calm, it is to be tranquil, free from noise or turbulence. Being “still” could also mean looking to the Lord for help as portrayed in [Exodus 14:13]

God has a lot to say about us, He sees us in a different way. He alone knows what our true identity is, but we will not hear what He has to say if we are not still.

You have listened enough to the lies from peers, friends, families and so on. They all think you can amount to nothing and so you’ve lost confidence in yourself. May I remained you that the purpose of a thing is in the mind of its manufacturer not the products. It is therefore the sole duty of the inventor to tell what the invention is for.


Don’t let what people think about you bother you. You will never discover yourself if you allow other people’s view bother you or you compare and measure your ability with another man’s. God thinks there is absolutely no one that can be compared with you. He thinks you are unique, each time He sees you He says this about you:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. [Psalm 139:14]

You are the salt of the earth [Matthew 5:13]

You have royalty running through your veins [1 Peter 2:9]

You are co-heir with Christ [Romans 8:17]

You are an incredible work of art [Ephesians 2:10]

You are the light of the world [Matthew 5:14]

You have a calling [Ephesians 4:1]

You are powerful, you are a leader, you are influential [Genesis 1:28b]

You have a glorious future [Romans 8:18]

You are blessed [Genesis 1:28a]

You are loved [Romans 5:8, John 3:16]

Dear Purple Reader, you are who God says you are and not what the world thinks you are. In Him you have been made the wisdom of God. You have been made a conqueror in whatever life throws at you, not because you of your actions, but for His love towards you.

So dear, if you want to know who you are and why you are here, you’ve got to listen to what God has to say about you, trust me, He is not going to compete with the noise around you. You have to be still!

Drop a comment, share with me how this truth shapes you.

Until next time, enjoy your day!


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