“Someday I’m going to …”  

“Someday I’ll be…”

“I’ll start someday…”

Last I checked dear, there are seven beautiful days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in a week and Someday isn’t one of them.

Dear Purple Reader, Someday expresses doubt and disbelief, it might just mean never, not ever or not at any time. Today, I’ll be sharing with you why delaying is not good for you.

As human, by default, we tend to put things we think will be unpleasant, painful, or difficult for someday. Instead of rising to the difficult task, we find ourselves insignificant activities to fill our time, and then we tell ourselves we are getting things done. Hmm…

The bible makes it clear that:

There is a proper time and procedure for every matter … [Ecclesiastes 8:6]

Paul also admonishes us to take, convert and use our time wisely for God’s purposes:

… making the most of your time, because the days are evil [Eph. 5:16]

God is very concerned with how we use our time on this earth. Our lives are composed of time, so how we spend our time and use the loads of talents given to us determine how we spend our lives:

For the dream is meant for its appointed time… [Habakkuk 2:3]

Do you see a person competent in his work? He will take his position before kings; he will not take his position before obscure people. [Proverbs 22:29]

Time is passing all the time, and we’ll either be rewarded for our diligent and wise use of time or we will displease our Lord for the way we have squandered it. Imagine in the end, God says to us:

And that’s all you could accomplish with the years of life I gave to you?

So then, the best way to start working on your God-given potential is to begin now, subsequently, ideas to accomplish it will follow.

Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful [1 Corinthians 4:2]

If God gives you a talent but you’re afraid to use it, or you get lazy and don’t use it at all, you may just be on the verge of losing it. Like the parable of the talents in Matthew 25.

There’s no higher purpose than to take your time, your treasure and your talents and use them to glorify God.

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Dear Purple Reader, if you truly want the dream, go now! Figure out a way. Start from little. Otherwise someday will never come.

Drop a comment, tell me how this truth shapes you.

Until next time, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “THE DREAM OF SOMEDAY

  1. Well said DPWriter, more ink to your pen.
    Until we begin to challenge ourselves to have and break achievement records, we’ll keep finding ourselves in comfort of “someday” zone.
    It’s high time we created the habit of questioning ourselves…ask yourself “what have i been able to achieve today? “, “Is what I’m busy doing worth it? “.
    Gradually, we become conscious of our time and how we spend it.

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