Apparently, we all have something in our hands. Some of us discover and disclose these things early while others develop them with time and experience. Whichever be the case, all of these boil down to having something valuable in our possession.

Every one of us intend to make a difference, influence people, have a sense of fulfillment, purpose and content at school, work, church etc. Amazingly, the ability and aptitude to achieve all of these is in our possession, you have to stir it up. God has put a gift in every person that will enable us fulfill this vision. Hence, we need to look inward, being ready to maximize available resources – gifts, talents, potentials etc, a man finds fulfillment in all of these.

God doesn’t need to wait until you have more resources so He can use you, He can use you right now and right there. God never demands from us what we do not have. We will recall that God didn’t ask Moses to use something he didn’t have. Mo had a shepherd’s rod in his hand, a lifeless thing that became living. This rod, Moses used to part the seas, it was the same rod he used to hit a rock and water spew out. God will start with what is in your hand even when it seems menial and insignificant. Whether we have little or much doesn’t matter with God.  When we bring what little we have, God uses it for great exploits. It is also pertinent to know that God instructed Moses to take the rod (gifts, talents, ability, potential) in his hand wherever he goes because it is with it he shall do signs. Dear Purple Reader, all that is deposited in you is there for a reason; to make a difference, to leave a positive mark in the sand of time, to make impact in the lives of those around you.

Accept the circumstance you find yourself, using it as a foundation on which you build the life you dream of. Spend time doing the things that you truly love. It is in exercising this gift that we find all of life’s fulfillment. Learn to be happy with what you already have, avoid making excuses, your happiness should not be dependent on external influences.

Ask God to reveal the power of what is in your hand. When God gives us a vision for our life like He did with Moses, we’re able to see all God has for us, the purpose He promises us, and the plan He has inside of us.

God is waiting to use what He has placed in your hands. Ruth had grain gathered from the field. David had stones and sling to defeat the huge Philistine champion. The poor widow had saved a pot of oil, Sampson had a donkey jawbone to slay a thousand men… Maybe you shouldn’t look far. Maybe you should stop asking when you are going to get your gifts or talents and see what’s in your hand.
Drop a comment and let me know how this truth shapes your life.

Until next time. Keep sharing the love of Christ!

This post was written by: 
Gbemisola Isaacs (@GbemisolaIsaacs), 
founder of Dear Purple Woman.

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