Business Vision

Hi there! It’s nice having you with me again. This day, I will be sharing with you the power of a clear vision as portrayed in Habakkuk, I hope you find this helpful.

Dear Purple Reader, everything in life got started with a clear and concise vision. For this reason, a vision is the capacity to see beyond your current reality. It is a mental picture of the result you want to achieve. It is the force that compels you to action. A vision can be likened to a light, once turned on, you see clearly.

In Habakkuk 2, the Prophet humbly gives his attendance upon God. As a result, vital events were revealed to the him through vision. On the other hand, care is taken by the Prophet to publish the vision, and transmit it to the generations to come, who should see the accomplishment of it.

A powerful vision mobilizes people, resources and ideas to action. It provides practical guide for creating plans, objectives and goal setting.

Dear Purple Reader, it is pertinent to know that vision and strategy differ. While the former in every walks of life comes to play first, the latter would be needed subsequently. Having a vision is just half way, procedures needed for execution makes it whole. Someone once said, a vision without a clear means of execution is mere hallucination. It is almost impossible to work on the “how” when you really don’t know the “what”. However, once you have been clear on the “what”, the “how” will almost take care of itself, so I’ve learnt – hold the vision, trust the process.

However, if you do not have a mental picture of who you want to be, how you want to be, how you want to succeed, or what you want out of life, you begin to lack drive, hence, life becomes just an order of events happening around you.

Key points to take with you from the second chapter of Habakkuk.

1. Seek the counsel of the Lord: In Hab. 2:1, the Prophet stood upon his watch, and set himself upon the tower, to see what God will say unto him. God often times not only speak through the word, but speak in us by our own consciences. Hence, we need to be attentive, we need to stand upon the watch tower in prayer.

2. Write the vision: After you must have sought divine inspiration and guidance from God, the next is to write those vision plain upon tables. In Hab. 2:2a, the Lord instructed that the prophet write down his vision, Likewise, in Rev. 21:5, John is ordered also to write each vision down. Your current reality and desired reality must be written in its smallest details. Your vision must so so clear that your fear becomes extraneous. With a clear and concise vision of where you are heading, nothing else will thrill you. Take for instance, 21-year old American swimmer, Ryan Murphy wrote a note to his parents when he was 8 years old on going to the Olympics and breaking the world record. 
On Monday night, Murphy did not only win a gold medal at the Olympics, he also set an Olympic record in the 100m backstroke!

3. Review your vision daily: After your vision must have been written legibly in large characters, it must be read. “… and make it plain upon tables, that he who runs may read it.” Legibility and conciseness of vision allows every one to plainly and clearly discern what is written even without intending to.

4. Plan and act on ways to achieve such vision through goal setting. Careful planning will give you the guidance that you need on this journey.

5. Don’t give up: Hold on as there is an appointed time, but it probably won’t be near hence, the reason why it must be written, that it may be reviewed afterwards and the event compared with it. However, the promise may seem silent for a great while, wait for it, as at the end it SHALL speak and not lie. Overtime, with patience, we will begin to see more parts of our vision coming true until one day we will see ourselves living our vision.

Dear Purple Reader, where there is no vision, the people perish. The people do nothing to any good purpose, but stand all day idle, sporting in the market-place, for want of instruction on what to do and how to do it. What great reason we have to be thankful to God for the abundance of open vision.

I hope you have a great day.

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