Hello there! I know you’ll click on this link ’cause you’re wondering and probably saying to yourself – what’s it with the “boat”? Well, my dear curious reader, the thrust of this piece basically is – your team and how they affect your success journey.

So, quickly, here’s a brief definition of terms. Your boat is that vehicle that conveys you and helps you get to your destination, apparently! And your team is that group of people you bring together on your journey to achieving a definite purpose. They are the people you row with. They are your mastermind group in that business, chosen career, line of study, luge and so on. They have strong influence on you. They either make or mar you.

As a “Spirikoko” that I am, LOL. I’d like to take a scenario from Jonah in the bible as he attempts to flee from his master. Who then decides to travel by sea and in the course of his journey, there arose a great wind in the sea, everyone in the boat becomes exceedingly afraid, hence, they all agree to find out who must have caused such wrought. Alas, poor Jonah, he is the culprit who decides to run from his master. Thereafter, he is casted into the sea and immediately, the sea ceased from its raging.

Well, my reading friend, having the right team in a place is one of the greatest form of leverage. Even a well organized business will not succeed without the right team. Yes, you might be intelligent and smart, a goal getter and a goal giver, hardworking, diligent, persistent and possess a lot of success trait but don’t have the right people with common ambition rowing at the same direction? You are bound to sink! I have learnt, every high achiever in life have powerful team of key staff members, consultants, helpers etc. – organized effort of two or more people who work toward a definite end, in a spirit of harmony.

Oh, building your success team is paramount. With an exciting team of people who share same vision as you, you could achieve even greater. If your mastermind group is carefully selected, you will have at least one person who will aid you in the development of your resources.

Dear reader, the people you surround yourself with have powerful impact of your success journey. It is good to know that the media, even the social media most people condemn have made connection much more easy, has they provide great avenues for mentorship on all platforms.

I’m sure you know iron sharpens iron and people we surround ourselves with are reflections of who we are or what we will become and so, careful selection and interrogation of our masterminds is pertinent. Knowing what kind of team you have, what his philosophy is, what his goals are, what his priorities are, if your priorities are conflicting or not are crucial. Perhaps, if Jonah was carefully interrogated before getting on that boat, the storm would have been avoided.

On this note, I ask again, who do you have in your boat?

Gbemisola Isaacs.

… inspired by Muyiwa Afolabi


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