Dear Purple Reader, to be single is to be unbroken, it is to be unique, it is to be separate. Singleness should never be equated with being alone. It is pertinent to know that even when we are married, we are still single – unbroken, unique and separate. Singleness is a stage in everyone’s life, it gives you the capacity to find yourself.



In marketing, a good strategy is to make your product, service or brand distinct. Distinguishing your product from the competition can make your marketing more effective. Crafting or packaging your product uniquely will attract the notice of more potential customers. There is no doubt that an element of uniqueness in your marketing can make your business more memorable.

Here are reasons singleness can be good. First is it boosts your mental strength and your readiness to cope with challenges. To an extent, it gives you a level of independence and capacity to thrive. As human, we naturally want to be unique, at the same time want to fit in. We probably are programmed that way but it’s best you pick a struggle. Control your urges and your emotion.

In the beginning, God created Adam, and made him different from other creatures he had made, and He (God) saw that it was good, yet saw that it was not good for man to be alone, then He made woman. From the foregoing, it is apparent that singleness and being alone are way disparate.

It takes confidence to be single and it takes confidence to know your true worth. Your level of confidence is built at this stage. Your life dexterity is also strengthened, as you have new things to bring to the table.

You should challenge your life by standing out from the crowd. Knowing your unique value proposition is key, life would be boring without your own quota. I enjoin you to be single, be very single, that’s just who you are supposed to be!


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