Dear Purple Reader, with the kind of home I come from, doing just the very minimum is not enough to get by, you’ve got to S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

To stretch is to extend in length, to amplify or enlarge beyond natural or proper limits, it is to go the extra mile. Going the extra mile is sometimes perceived as being tough as it means stretching further after you have already stretched – giving more than you have already given.

Successful people go the extra mile – stretch – they get the promotions and the loyal customers, they receive financial rewards and job security.

Napoleon Hill in one of his books, outlines a formula that is applicable to ‘Stretching’ as,

Quality + Quantity + Attitude = Compensation

Where, Quality = Service
Quantity = Amount of service provided
Attitude = How the service is rendered
Compensation = Reward(s) for service rendered

Stretching tends to make you indispensable. It keeps you on good terms with your conscience, it also serves as a stimulant to your soul.

The habit of stretching places one in a position to benefit by the law of compensation, through which no act or deed will or can be expressed without an equivalent response (after its own nature).

It gives one the benefit of growth, thereby leading to mental development and increased skill.

The habit develops the important factor of initiative, without which no individual ever rises above mediocrity.

It develops self-reliance.

It strongly aids in the development of Attractiveness of Personality, thereby leading to the means by which one may relate himself to others so as to gain their friendly co-operation.

It is the greatest of all the known methods by which the man who works for wages may promote himself to higher positions and better wages.

At a time in the bible, a Roman soldier had the authority to compel any Jewish citizen to carry his gear for up to a mile but Jesus decided to teach his people the good act of service, and then, he tells them to willingly “go with him two” as recorded in the book of Matthew.

Dear Purple Reader, if you are going to do anything in life, give it all you have got. Give it your 101%. Render more service than that which is customary. The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.

Do something really cool today. Do something else to crown that really cool, hence, making the really cool unique. When you are asked for a piece of cookie, give a box of cookies. When someone asks you for a loan, give them the money instead. Give your customers, your team, your boss more than is required of you.

Dear Purple Reader, there is no traffic jam, neither is their congestion along the extra mile, go above and beyond!


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